Dematerialize your invoices with EsaLink

Facing digital transformations, corporate administration is constantly evolving. In order to increase productivity but also to improve the quality of life and work of employees, many companies now opt for the dematerialization of invoices. EsaLink helps you in your process of dematerialization of customer and supplier invoices, while respecting the current standards and tax regulations.



What is e-invoicing ?

E-Invoicing consists in adopting a fully digitized billing system, from the creation of the invoice to the receipt of it by its recipient, while respecting the standards in force and the tax regulations. With e-invoicing, invoices are exchanged only electronically. There is no more paper format. The electronic document is the original document.

Benefits of e-invoicing

  • Achieve major savings
  • Reduce delays
  • Increase the reliability of information
  • Increase team productivity
  • Enhanced and modernized image
  • Absolute digitalisation
  • Reduce your environmental footprint