IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

With the volume and size of files growing year-over-year, customer and supplier needs will drive complex networks and cybersecurity threats more than ever before.

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer provides a unified file transfer platform so you can share and track mission-critical information movement within your enterprise and across your trading partner network with peace of mind. Gain the benefit of the most trusted managed file transfer solution.


Protect your data

Secure files at rest and in transit to comply with regulations and assure safe delivery.

Proactively mitigate risk

Monitor file activity with end-to-end visibility and governance to detect faults and improve your SLA performance.

Drive out complexity

Foster user engagement and confidence with approachable user interfaces and flexible RESTful APIs.

High performance

Handles your most demanding file movement workloads, from high volumes to huge multimedia files.


    • Consolidated, enterprise-grade file transfer platform


    • End-to-end visibility and governance


    • Scalable file transfer
    • Advanced security capabilities


    • Highly available architecture


    • Reliable and automated file transfers